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The Informal Anymade Cafe


The Informal Anymade Cafe was an idea concocted between a cafe and its union with a coffee brand. A simple notion that this brand signifies who and what Oddds are.

Musing over and weighing its essence into our interpretation of pitch-black. An atmosphere of complete strange darkness. The identity begins with a unceremoniously cut through the 'IN' — coffee in itself is revealing by its aroma and taste. No formality or introduction needed to that. The branding carries on through a series of packaging revealing three types of coffee roasts. Cigarette Dust, Walking Hours and Chanterelle Toss. Perplex in nature, the anatomy of hands are used as the main visuals, to showcase the very beginnings of an core idea being made from scratch — unpredictable like a black hole.

These hands reflects significantly on how designers like us, work late into the night, through bloody sweats, perhaps mild hallucinations, running on adrenaline and high dosages of caffeine in our veins and the cigarette fumes cravings. They represent the contrast between the bright and dark sides of what our hands and minds can create.