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Camper & Co



A natural tradition, amidst the wild's backdrop. A small gathering to revel and savour Mother Nature's brew and rustic splendour. An sweet escape far from the material world, where dirt and woody smells welcomes. 

Camper & Co is a newly established café in the works in Singapore. The café's brand identity is a tent, hand-drawn and crafted, surrounded by a san-serif lettering roughen-up logotype that is spaced out to form another tent and solid grounds of camping.

Despite just required to design a logo, Oddds' designers wish to extend the brand's visual language through imagery that captures existence in wild places. A foliage tour with survival kits and simple tools held by bare hands. A rare quiet spot where souls look outwards and admire still life. A warm comfort where the wild quietly shelters and where . . . soft slumber sits.