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Energi Health


Inspired by the Energy from Within, Experience Living with No Bounds.

Energi Health is a health, wellness and fitness brand in California, United States founded by Amy & Chris Duncan. Its philosophy powered by a bounce for life, active living and intellectual positivity in providing eclectic approaches and a place to develop, motivate, inspire and teach individuals by setting goals towards maintaining optimal living and finding their authentic selves.

A branding system was built around a minimal yet bold logomark, florescent inks, playful graphic expressions amidst triggering lively contrast. Taking the brand’s intrinsic energy source, it resonances into the brand language capturing spontaneous outtakes of life and dynamism that extends across business cards, letterheads, website, social media, copywriting and copyediting. The selection of type addresses the robust, elasticity and vivacity of Energi Health. The logomark expressing the initials of Energi Health is simple and grounded by extracting ones’ true self as seen through the ‘H’ went rotated; intentionally becoming an ‘I’ capturing ones’ resilience. The logotype is kept precise and approachable.

The business cards, letterheads, website and social media collaterals adjusts to the bright fluorescents of green and blue with ambitious greys accompanied with abundant white space. With hints of movement coming alive and by mapping a balance between active expression of geometric curves, shapes and linear lines conjured forms a juncture that expresses a continuity that layers bringing cohesion, connectivity - a constant activity amounting from boundless contemporary energy. The playful forms and infographics becomes focal points as a call to action as well as an instrument or catalyst of change and direction. The prominent neon spot colours of blue and striking green captures vigorousness and a conscious of Energi Health’s beliefs.