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Inner Ego


Embracing innovative meals, cold pressed juices and healthy living — Inner Ego (based in Perth, Western Australia) strives, pursues and has to offer flavourful and nutritious meals from the best of ingredients and sources. Crafting uniquely ready-to-serve and delicious easy-to-eat meals whilst bearing in mind the nutritional values that goes into their customers bodies. Oddds was tasked to rebrand and develop a graphic identity through colour and forms by keeping the original hexagonal shape from the old logo.

The main brand symbol is paired with a friendly slab serif typeface. It is straightforward and simple — a hand that holds a leaf upright and lifted high; aglow with Health. Health is the new Wealth with its bountiful benefits.

A graphic language of secondary visuals were constructed for promotional materials such as A5 brochure and packaging, through colourful and robust overlapping formations that establishes lively relationships and energy. Playful, vivid and cheerful — these shapes unifies to express the brand’s core aspects of plant based eating and juice cleansing. The hexagon ochre shape originates from the logo. The carrot is in resemblance of the hexagon. Each geometrical shape carries emphasis that covers: keeping Inner Ego’s juices 100% raw, vegan living to environmental friendly methods that the brand’s embraces. Within the brochure, a set of infographics and iconology tells of Inner Ego’s processes and methodology through eight easy steps. The icons takes on characteristics from the hexagon once more.